02 Aug 2017

Playing Golf in Bamako

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For those people that need to get their fix of Golf whilst visiting Mali you only have two real options. There is a small but well maintained par 3 course in the grounds of the Hotel L’Amitie and there is a driving range situated at the Palais de la Culture in Badalabougou.

Golf Club de L’Hôtel de L’Amitie
This course is very well maintained and it has a nice 19th hole at which you can enjoy a drink afterwards but it is quite expensive for a par 3 course. To play 18 holes on a weekend including club hire and caddy fees will cost you 31 000 CFA (€47.25). There are 9 grass greens on the course as well as 18 tee offs so you can, in quite a confined area, bang out 18 holes in a relatively short time.
This is a break down of costs for 18 holes –
Green fees – 15 000 CFA (Monday to Friday) & 18 000 CFA (Weekends)
Club Hire – 10 000 CFA
Caddy – 3000 CFA (You must take a caddy. I assume that this is to ensure you have a clue as to which green you should be aiming for and to ensure you don’t start smacking balls into other golfers wandering around the course)

For those people that want to test themselves against the best that Bamako has to offer they do welcome non-members in to some of their weekly competitions. The cost to join is 3 000 CFA plus the above mentioned green fees etc.

Palais de la Culture Golf Driving Range
The driving range is located in the grounds of the Palais de la Culture in Badalabougou. It is a simple affair but it is well run and the manager is very helpful. He is quite knowledgeable in the dark arts of golf. Even complete novices should soon find themselves hitting the ball rather than air or the ground and he is happy to offer you a few pointers.

There is a good selection of clubs that you are free to use. The fact that it also only costs 1 000 CFA per 50 balls means its a great way to have a bit of fun in Bamako without breaking the bank. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a golfer then it is better to go in the morning as he lets you unwind with the driver. This then gives him time throughout the day to find the balls that may well clear the back fence of the range. In the afternoon you have to be a little calmer but there are a few greens for you to aim at so it is still good fun.
The range is open from about 6am until about 18.30, usually 7 days a week….

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