The Best Pharmacy in Bamako

Unfortunately, many pharmacies in Bamako are not well stocked with many of the medications and brands that you may be familiar with back home. There is one exception, however, and that is pharmacy m’Pewo in Lafiabougou (see the map below). I stumbled upon this pharmacy after striking out at numerous other locations trying to a.. read more →

22 Sep 2017
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Playing Golf in Bamako

For those people that need to get their fix of Golf whilst visiting Mali you only have two real options. There is a small but well maintained par 3 course in the grounds of the Hotel L’Amitie and there is a driving range situated at the Palais de la Culture in Badalabougou. Golf Club de.. read more →

02 Aug 2017
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English language doctors in Bamako

CMS (Centre Medico-Social de Bamako) is an excellent medical clinic in Quartier de Fleuve on the Avenue de l’Yser. There are 2 resident Doctors and both speak French and English (and also German). For French citizens a standard consultation costs 10 000 CFA. For other countries a standard consultation will cost you 20 000 CFA. They.. read more →

Arriving at the Bamako Airport

The Senou International Airport of Bamako is the major international airport in Mali. It is situated about 15 kms south of the Bamako city centre. With normal traffic it takes about 15 minutes to get from the Airport to The Sleeping Camel Hotel. Usually when you land at the airport you will be taken from.. read more →

02 Jun 2017
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The Sandmen of Mali

I have heard several times that Bamako is the world’s 6th fastest growing city. Concrete is the main part of most buildings in Bamako. As such, the city has an insatiable hunger for cement and sand. Even though the Sahara Desert swallows up half of the northern part of the country the sand from the.. read more →

02 Feb 2017
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